404 Page not found

The reason for this is probably technical and boring. So here are a few other 'reasons' why you may have landed here. Feel free to choose the narrative your prefer:

  1. You're a wizard. And wizards and the internet are feuding.
  2. You're operating on Internet Explorer 1 and every page you click into looks like this.
  3. You just got out of a bad relationship with a Page and don't want to rush into anything.
  4. You're the star of a Truman Show-ish program and we're messing with you in order to manufacture some kind of suspense.
  5. You didn't ask our Director of Tech to the prom and you'll never find the page you're looking for while you're here.
  6. You're in the Matrix. There is no 404 page.
  7. Your life is one big 'National Treasure' type mystery. This page is a clue. Area code 404 covers Atlanta, Georgia and its immediate neighbors. Next stop, PEACH STATE!
  8. You're having an existential crisis. You're not actually looking at a 404 page. You're starring in the mirror.
  9. You haven't cashed your Oreo cookies. Or something like that.

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